CZ / SX ratio 2.384 last week 2.391

Market Moving Headlines:
*Africa Swine Flu
*China / US trade talks
*EU (possible tariffs) by the US
*US Weather
*Record or (close to) short trade position by the Funds

Grain trade searching for movement.

For the week, July Corn 8 cent range and July Beans 10 cent range

Felt like Thanksgiving / Christmas trade

Three thoughts out loud
1) With Swine Flu how are beans still holding around the $9 mark
2) What IF the Flu hits the US / (won’t be bullish)
3) USDA / China both end in A (IMHO Asses)

By the numbers:
Year low for front month Corn 352.50 and the Bean low is 880.75
June Cattle High close for the month of April 121.57
IMHO Dec Corn support 385 and 380
Important swing Number for May, July and even Dec. Corn 375

Be Safe