CZ / SX ratio 2.331 vs last week 2.384
This will be the last posting of the Corn Bean Ratio because of plantings
Can’t wait for May Day maybe it won’t snow.
?? Fund short covering??
US Dollar (strong)
SA. Currencies
US Weather ( 7-10 day outlook wet)
US / China meetings again this coming week
Weekly channel (DTN Charts) 357 to 394-397
July Corn:
Res: 364.25-367.50 & 371 & 374-378
Sup: 358.50-357 also the low
Dec. Corn
Res: 385-386 & 390-393
Sup: 378-374
With funds holding record short positions will we see support on breaks like
we did on Thurs. Fri. trade.
Nov. Beans
Res: 899&908 & 917.50-919.50 & 929-932
Sup: 884-877
Remember that April Cattle goes off the board on Tuesday at noon.

Be Safe