CZ / SX ratio 2.391

Monday the 8th
Afternoon crop progress

Tuesday the 9th
USDA Supply / Demand

Friday the 12th
Last trading day for April Hogs

I would think after the grain stock report on the 31st that
Tuesday’s report would lean to the bear side. BUT it’s the
USDA and anything goes.

Imho long CZ corn and risking a close under 375.
Should have support levels at 385 and 380.

Front month Corn and Beans the lows for 2019 are:
Corn / 352.50 and Soybeans / 880.75

Weather will become a daily issue very soon. IMHO possible larger
PP acres this yr. than last. I believe we seen the high in acreage
from the 31st Planting intension report.
This is not an April Fools joke but China IS staying in Washington this weekend
to continue trade talks. Great signs but it’s the WHEN factor.