Very GOOD technical action when looking at charts.
Corn held it’s 50 day ma. very nicely.

Weather HOT…Barry where will the rain cover.
Also how much rain does a field need when temps
this week will be 93-100??

So for all the BEARS that say tops are in..if u sold the
last 2 weeks your under water and be careful the margin
man might be busy this week. Time will time

Parabolic numbers were hit in Corn Beans and Cattle which puts them in buy mode.

4 week avgs
Aug. Cattle 105.34        Oct. Cattle 106.13
Sept. Corn 441        Dec. Corn 446.75
Nov. Beans 919.25

So weather will move the markets…we are in a weather bull market
for those that don’t know.

Crop conditions are not very good and HEAT coming (hottest temps this week
for the summer so far).  Barry u better lay down some 1-2 plus inches in dry places.

I like market action but I have been that way even on the nice technical break.

Be Safe