This week 30th and 31st US and China face to face
China has some growing areas that are very dry.

Rains here are mostly for the Northern part of US and most
miss the rains this week or will see a drizzle / teaser.

Heat right now / normal temps next 7 days coming.

Markets lacking Aug. Heat but still on the dry side in many areas
and we await the Aug 12th report.

Technical sideways to lower action
Dec. Corn IMHO
Support 419.50-419 (gap is at 420)
Res: 431 and 439
for now
Watching IF deeper break the 100 and 200 day ma.

Dec. Cattle
Close over 114.82
MHO target then is 115.90-116.60

Nov. Beans
Support 896-888
Hard to say anything about beans.
China could buy, crop is way behind and very short looking.

Personal note
I have been living in the same home for 43 yrs. I went on a trip around N.IL and
Southern WI. I have NEVER seen this number of fields NOT planted before.
Plus the corn and beans I did see are way behind normal. But the condition
reports have been saying the same.
So Aug 12 resurvey number will be HUGE market mover.

Be Safe