4th of July gone…weather changer…Above Normal temps and Below normal precp.?

Thursday 11th USDA Report
Friday 12th Last Trading Day July grain contracts (off at Noon)

Sept and Dec Corn went into there gap areas BUT didn’t fill them completely (.25 cent still open).

Watch 20 day ma. avgs as res: and Dec. Corn at 449-450

Dec. Corn from its gap to the High retracements are
38.2% 453.75     50% 447.75     618% 441.75

IF the corn condition report tomorrow afternoon doesn’t pick up 3 pts in the G/E
column we could test 450 quickly by Tuesday imho.

Livestock and grains waiting for the China business to appear as stated again
by US.

Beans could turn into a leader in the grain complex for a while.

China stopping import of meats from Canada could be supportive for cattle on breaks.

Short comments nice long 4th weekend

Be Safe