Tuesday 30th Grain Stocks and Planted Acreage USDA

Also this week end of the month and quarter
Thursday 2nd Early Grain close 12:05

Friday the 3rd Closed.
Bad week for grains. Rain makes grain and Covid-19 threat to close and slow down states added to the pressure.

Monday’s crop progress report should show corn improving in the G/E cat.

BUT the 6-10 ans 8-14 looks warm and drier than Friday’s maps.

Looking back this year when corn was this cheap:
May contract: yr low was 300.25 and for the month of May the low was 305.50
May Wheat same period low was 491.75 and for the month of May 516
May Beans were 808.25 for the yr. and for the month of May the low was 829.50

Let’s see what the USDA has to say. If the weather looks like July starts warm and dry I would guess at the season lows a bounce is coming.

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Be Safe All
Happy 4th of July
Scott Capinegro