Thank you all for your prayers. Son is home as of Sat.
He is happy as hell to be home. Checkup will come between
8-12 days.

So this will be short since I missed all last weeks action.

Monday 10th / Crop progress and I think maybe a condition report.
Tuesday 11th USDA report
MX. US. an agreement so NO tariffs
Could be somewhat friendly meats??

Nov. beans tried to test 200 day moving avg. and failed there.
July corn touched its open gap with that 407 low. But
the gap is still open.

I am still very bullish corn and long.
Targets still up at 477-482 imho most likely the Dec. contract.

Seasonal is don’t be short around June 4th-11th. looking for summer rally.
We have a long growing season ahead of us.

Be Safe