Wed. the 22nd / Cold Storage Report

Fri. the 24th / Cattle on Feed Report

Corn and Weather is the name of the game

Monday the 13th we made 4 week Lows

Friday 17th we made 4 week Highs

CN yr.19 High/Low the half right now is 371.25

CZ yr.19 High/Low the half is 384.75

Those could be very good support numbers now on breaks.

Looking at year highs front month (2019)

CH High was 384.50

Ck High was 392.25

Could be the target for July (392.25)

Rain is still in the 1-10 day forecast. Yes we will have a 1-2 day reprieve but

that won’t dry out the saturated fields to plant. Then more rain days.

This week think very hard and reward this rally in increments.

INHO new crop calls 410 or 420 at 21-24 cents looks like a nice

conservative  start of a hedge.

Closed Monday the 27th for Memorial Day

Won’t be a weekend comment posted next week.

Son has brain surgery on Tuesday morning the 28th. I won’t be

around next week.

BE Safe