Friday the 8th USDA Supply / Demand report

Opening Day Baseball this week might be more exciting than the USDA Report

Planting intentions
March 2022                    March 2021|
Corn 89.5 mil. acres            93.3            -3.8 from last yr.
Beans 90.96                        87.1           +3.7 from last yr.

This was as of March 1st survey
3-1 the Nov. Bean / Dec. Corn ratio was 2.36
Nov. Beans 1477.00
Dec. Corn 624.75

Nov. beans 1406.75
Dec. Corn at 688
Ratio 2.04

You can see what I’m getting at.

Russia destroyed or damaged an export facilities in Odessa Ukraine this weekend.

Will keep an eye on WAR.
Eastern corn belt getting wet but a good time for that.
US weather will start to be in play another 2.5-3 weeks for some.

2 yrs. ago analyst were BEARISH grains and we saw what happened.
Now there BULLISH….be careful

World wants to tame inflation.
Fed. raising interest rates
Covid pops it ugly head again.
There are some bear factors to keep in mind here.

New crop corn doesn’t need to rally to pull some acres away from beans. IF beans break more that could be doing the job.

Sorry about the last few weeks of NO comments

Vacation and spring break around the grandkids did it. NOT PUTIN

Be Safe
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