This is Sat the 20th and in 24 hrs. news, weather, can change but my comments are for now what I see.

Monday 22nd Cold Storage

Monday 22-25th Pro Farmers Tour

Friday 26th Last Trading Aug. Options

China Weather
SA Weather
Ukraine/Russia Shipments
This weeks Tour

Cattle On Feed
Actual                                Est.
Feed 101%                        101%
Placed 99%                        102%
Market 97%                        96%

Tx. KS Drought moving cattle
Wts. are down also cuz of feed cost also

For the month so far
Dec. corn
High 642.75 and Low 587.50
50% is 615.25
IMHO if we take out last weeks low 604
Support 595-593 and 581.50
Gaps are still open Higher and Lower

Nov. Beans
High 1464.75 and Low 1356
50% is 1410.50

4 week avg
Dec. corn 605.50
Nov Beans 1401.75

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