First of all I will be out of touch Sunday 8-2 and back Weds.5th around noon.

Grains need some new mojo or an m 80 needs to explode. Just no interest in Corn trade but trends are down.

Corn is testing BIG support 309-300.

If need be to sell for cash my advice look at cheap calls for re ownership. Don’t give up the whole ship.

Aug still plays for beans weather wise. Plus don’t forget frost dates.

China: many parts still
1) there stepping up with bean and corn purchases
2) US Dollar helping exports
3) That dam in China must be watched. If that gives way grains should have one hell of a run up.

Cattle close good now let’s see if there is follow thru this week. Covid 19 and school lunch programs plus unemployment could still slow meat demand.

Eastern Corn belt has found the rains or the rain has found the Eastern Corn belt.

Looking at crop conditions to hold steady to 1 pt higher Monday

I’m gone with the family maybe to even re charge my own battery.

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro