Tuesday 14th Last Trading Day Dec. contracts

14th Last trading Day Dec. Hog Options

Wed. 15th the NOPA Crush number (Soybeans)

March and May corn made new daily Highs each day last week.

Using March corn now the Weekly high closes have been
7-02-21 592 and 11-26-21 591.75

52 week avg. is 564.50 and the 12 month avg is 577.50
4 week avg March corn is 579.50
MHO the possible target IF we hold breaks is 605.50-608.25

Farmer selling should be light towards the end of the yr and then we see if selling picks up early Jan. (new tax yr)

4 week avg Jan Beans is 1251.75
50% of last weeks range is 1257.75

Feb Hogs
13 week avg is 78.95 and 26 week avg is 86.50
3 month avg is 79.02 and the 6 month avg is 83.22
4 week avg is 8001

Feb. Cattle
Support 137.30-137
Res: 140.75-141.12

Questions please feel free to call me
Scott Capinegro