First thank you all for the birthday wishes last week
Don’t feel like 70

Monday 14th Last Trading day Dec. grain contracts
Feels like the first time Dec. corn will go off the board over $4
Yr. 15,16,17,18,19, Dec. has gone off below $4

Tuesday 15th NOPA Crush (Soybean demand)?

Friday 18th Cattle on Feed Report

Dec. Corn 21/Nov. soybean ratio 2.553

USDA Report on the 10th no real surprises
Wheat / Russia export tax proposal has the markets attention

July / Nov. bean spread has a small gap down at $1.03

CH support 416 & 410 & 406
res: 425.75-427.75 & 431.50 & 439.50-441.50

SH Support 1159-156 & 1147-1142 &1138-1128
Res: 1170 &1179.75-1185

Long term (IF Factors) the targets are for Corn 465 and beans 1208.50 & 1241-1246

Still watching China, SA Weather, US Dollar
US Drought Monitor Maps

I, mho still like the breaks to be playing the long sides

Be Safe
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Scott Capinegro
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