Merry Xmas To All

Thurs 22
Cold Storage

Cattle On Feed

Monday 26th markets closed and reopen Tuesday morning 8:30 am

Seasonal Rally??
MHO buy March 640 Corn puts for 14 cents or less to take some risk of the New Year.

American Soybean Association
“To date, there have been announcements for 23 plant expansions, which would add 750 mil. bu. per yr. crush capacity. Of the 23, 13 are for new plants and 10 are for expansion of current plants”.

Seems meat alternatives which use bean protein concentrate is showing growing demand, plus biofuels. The Dec. Corn 23 / Nov Bean 23 ratio is at 2.325 with a High at 2.358
Market wants more bean acres right now,

4 Week Avg.
CH 654.50            WH 775.25        SH 1455

I’ll take a shot at some ranges
March Corn 647-642 Lows and 670-676- High
March Beans 1445-1425 Low (if rains come to ARG. soon) and 1497-11522

So anyway again Merry Xmas follow me also on Twitter

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro
Branch Office of HighGround