Happy New Years

We  have a full week (5 days ) of trading.

March Corn Trends Xmas-New Year
1) settles higher on the last trading day before Xmas (did that) so now 12 out of 13 years
2) after Xmas the first day of trading settles unchanged to higher (did that ) so now 12-13 years.

This week:
3) last day of trading before New Years we are steady to higher 11-12 years.
4) 6 out of the past 10 years the day after New Years we settle higher 7-11 yrs.

Corn NO CARRY (bullish)
March corn
Res: 616-616.50 possible IMHO target up at 631
Support 594-586

March Beans
Res: 1346-1349.50
close over 1350 / 1374-1376

S.A weather still the real driver of this trend
Keep your eyes on basis
Does china pickup some bookings the week??

Breaks will be supportive for both Corn and Beans
March Corn
4 week avg / 584.75 and the half of last weeks range 597
March Beans
4 week avg / 1283 and the half of last weeks range 1311.50

Happy New Year
Be Safe
Call with any questions / watch for some comments on twitter also
Scott Capinegro