Happy New Year All

Let’s focus on the New Year not the old
Can’t bring back the past to do things over

Aid package at this time of comments…still not signed
How will effect markets with tonight’s openings????

Money flow at the end of the year. We need to see a correction but this bull market is still on a roll.

INHO I see corn with some res. 5-6 cents higher and possible correction of 18- 22 cent correction. Monthly chart target is still in that 465-467 area.

Soybeans res: 1288-1290

We need to see a technical day chart move. Meaning Higher (new Highs) and a break closing lower on the day.

Beans are in rationing demand move.

Let’s see what the last week of the year brings us.

Still be thinking of making some new crop sales 10%-20% at these price levels.

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro