Friday 12th Chinese New Yr. (1 week holiday)

Sat. 13th Valentine’s Day (GUYS)

Dec. Corn / Nov. Bean ratio 2.570

Feb. Ins.
Corn 455.75 and Beans 1156.50
( 5 days avg.) more numbers to come

We look to seek the Feb. Lows (Seasonal Break)

So far: Lows are
CH 536.50  CK 535.50  CN 525.25 and CZ 442.50
SH 1341.40  SK 1339  SN 1319.75 and Nov.1135.75

March Planting Est.
We had 2 of them come out
1) Stone x Corn acres 96 mil. yield 182 Carry Out 2.159
2) Farm Futures Corn 94.7 yield 177.4  Beans 84.5 mil acres and yield 52.2

All looking for the 9th USDA report to lower carry.
So do we sell the fact that day ???

SA has its problems between trucker strikes and rains.
Have we priced in the Bull news??

Markets are giving trades nice ranges each day Both for the Bull and Bear.

I’m still trading on the Bull side BUT I buy breaks NOT green prices during the day.
Watch your charts with moving avgs. and the longer term ones too (Weekly and Monthly)

Still in the camp to make some new crop sales and don’t be greedy. Its profitable prices here. (20-30%) imho

Be Safe