Monday 24th Cold Storage Report

Friday’s Cattle on Feed report
Feed        101% vs. avg  99.7%
Placed      106% vs. 101.8%
Marketings 100%    vs.100.9%

Cattle moving into feed yards inho

US Embassy in Ukraine beginning to evacuate

Truck drivers from Canada and Mexico will not be allowed to cross the border into US unless they are fully vaccinated effective Jan. 22

Just add more Logistic problems and markets still watching closely the Geopolitical situation too.

Dec. corn / Nov. Bean ratio closed at  2.328
Grain trade last week was impressive. Stock money moving into commodities???
Rumors of China buying Corn and Beans last week

Weekly corn
Close above 622.50 we could see 631-633 and possible down the road 650
Support 606.25 and then 588 and 578
4 week avg March corn 601.50

Weekly beans
Support 1405 and 1394-1388
Res 1425 and 1467 then possible 1475

I’m still stressing be pro active. Buy puts to ease some risk
Make sales and the need to own buy call spreads
Website does have account link if need to switch brokers or if you need to open an account with me.

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro