Tuesday 26th FOMC Meeting
Wed.27th FOMC Meeting

We are in a down trend and yes are oversold.
Looking for a bounce BUT here are some key numbers:

Year Lows
Sept corn 557                    Dec. corn 542.50
Aug. Beans 1341.75          Nov. Beans 1274
Sept Wht 738.25                Dec. Wht 743.75

Resistance numbers imho
Dec. Corn 600-610.50 and 200 day ma. 620.50

Nov. Beans 1360 and 20 day ma 1376 and 200 day ma 1381.50

Markets do sometimes give ya a 2nd chance . Hedge percentage  or buy puts if we reach res. numbers. Be pro-active 

1) Weather
2) US Dollar
3) Russia/Ukraine ports open to ship
4) Funds/more risk off??
5) China

Next weekend there won’t be a weekend comments.
Leaving with the family this Thursday and won’t be back until Monday night.

Be Safe
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