Monday 22nd Cold Storage Report
Thursday 25th Hogs and Pig Report
China says they will BUY US Ag. products and continue to work on the Phase 1 trade agreement numbers.

Looking at numbers:Last week
CN +2.50    CU + 2.75    CZ +2.25
WN -20.75  WU -22.50   WZ -22.50
SN +5.25    SU +2    SX +1 cent

Front Month Yearly Change
Corn -55.25    Wheat -77.50    BNS -79 cents

Beans have made new Highs the last 4 weeks and running

Weather is benign for balance of June

MHO I’m keeping resistance numbers as
CN 335 and 341.25 and 348.25-349.50
CZ 348.25 and 353.50
SX  885,25 and 892.50 and 905 (gap 900-903)

Reminder to all:
Dec. Corn has come off the board under $4 in yrs.
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 MHO I think we add year 2020

Have a game plan. Market is feeling its going to reward the bear this year.

Call any questions or watch and look me up on tweeter.

Be Safe,

Scott Capinegro