Wed. 29th Hog & Pig Report
Thurs. 30th USDA Grain Stocks and Planted Acreage

I’m looking for and increase in Corn planted acres.

Grains did some damage to their charts.
Bulls need a Bull report Thurs. and Weather

Looks like some will see rains in the coming 4th of July time frame.
Watch market action on the 30th.

Dec. corn 100 day ma. 681.50
Retracements from yr. Low to yr. High
38% 680.50
50% 654.25
618 627.75
4 Week avg. 697.50
Gap at 728.25

Nov. Beans 100 day ma 1483.25
Retracements from yr. Low to High
38% 1451
50% 1417.25
618 1383.50
4 week avg. 1492

If no weather problems forecasted in the next 14 days these markets will find selling on rallies.

Be Safe
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Scott Capinegro