Weds. 31st Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings report
End of the Month

Planted Acres
Trade Est.            USDA 2020            USDA Forum
Corn 93.20            90.81                        92.8
Beans 89.99          83.08                        90.3
Wheat 44.97          44.34                        46.4

Quarterly Grain Stocks
Corn 7.767 billion / 6 yr. low
Beans 1.543 billion / 5 yr. low
Wheat 1.278 / 6 yr. low

IMHO break out to the up side for May Corn and Beans
Corn 571.25
Beans 1453.50
Both for closes

Trade will be crazy when the report comes out at 11 am cdt.
Will see how the money flows?? Funds are long and the bull spreads CN/CZ and SN/SX has been working since there lows a few weeks back.

If new crop acres aren’t up to par for the trade, expect support to try and buy more acres which might be needed.

Hogs move n on up. MHO close June over 105.65 my targets move to 113-114

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro