Tuesday afternoon 26th first crop condition report. Would think corn is looking very good.

This week a must to see China book and buy anything. Notice July Oats is Higher than July corn.

Will June start to turn off the showers??

Not much to say with corn trading last week in a 9.50 cent range for the July contract and Dec. 6 cents. This is the time frame we see the start of a rally/bounce. But we are in historical times.

This is a year to be sure  proactive. Don’t just hold and store until (HOPE) prices rise. Many bushels of old crop corn not prices and that includes new also.

This virus comes back heavy this fall without  a vaccine we could be seeing prices one would never thought we could re visit.

Meats still too many questions. Packers maken the mooola. Cold storage report looked more bearish than the Cattle on Feed numbers. Those numbers were right in line with trader est,

Warm wet the next 3 days or 4 and then normal temps and below normal rainfall.

Be Safe