Tues 8th Election Day
Wed. 9th USDA Report
Full Moon time frame
Could this be turn of trends?
Fri. 11th Veterans Day

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Geo Political factors (adds to emotional reaction)
N. Korea/S.Korea/Japan
Brazil protests (election results)
US Dollar still hindering the demand factor

Producers should cover your Nov. Dec. Jan expenses. One can always re own but just percentage of sales like 40-50%. Just mho. If anything reward rallies by buying puts. Just look at weekly charts of Cotton, Lumber, Oats, NG. Don’t think it can’t happen to grains.

Pressure possible pts.
1) Early Jan. could see more producer selling deferring payments/ tax reasons.
2) End of Dec. we should have a better feeling on how Brazil’s crop is doing.

Refer back to last weekends comments at the website in archives for numbers

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro
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Clear Trades thru Wedbush