Happy Thanksgivng All
Thursday 25th its Turkey day (markets closed)
Friday 26th Grains open at 8:30 am cdt
Friday also is the Last TradingĀ  Day for Dec. Options

Some thing to think about down the road
Winter Olympics Feb. 4 2022-Feb. 20th 2022
BOYCOTT possible
1) China’s human rights abuses
2) Genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities
3) Repression in Tibet
4) Crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong

IF US boycotts it will put more pressure on US? China relations.

China will need food products for the Olympics and they have been buying US Beef lately.

Grains basis is still holding well and the farmer is not tight for money right now. Support is Ethanol demand and Renewable diesel. Also china cutting back or even not going to sell lysine which is a feed additive (support for meal)

Just watching charts and technical s for now. Crude oil has had a correction and the US dollar has hit new Highs. Both could add some grain pressure.

Be Safe
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Scott Capinegro