Rabobank / Est. Brazil 20/21 soybean crop 130 mmt  and corn at 107.2

Brazil top corn producers are in Rio Grande Sul. Brazil offering corn for export during the month of Jan. (pre sold)??

Agroconsult / Brail corn crop 108.8 slightly below USDA oy beans 133.2 mmt vs. 135 mmt.
Mato Grosso will have 4.5 mmt. of beans ready by Jan. 31st vs.10.9 last yr.

Dr. Cordonnier reduced hrvested acres in Arg. from 50 to 49 and USDA is at 51.

Bottom line is right now crops are going backwards.

Eric Snodgrass mention the time fram to watch for Brazil beans is 12-31 to 1-10

Ukraine Ag. Min. 2020 grain crop could be 65 mmt. down 3 mmt.

IKAR / Russian 2021 total grain crop 125 mmt. down from 130.5
2021 wheat harvested 78 mmt. vs. 2020 forecast of 84 mmt
IGC cuts global corn crop 10 mmt.

Please check last weeks comments and use the same support and res. numbers for corn and beans.

Dec 21 corn / Nov.21 bean  ratio 2.550

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro
Branch Office of HighGround Trading