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Monday 24th
Cold Storage Report

Still possible railroad strike here in the US
Ukraine / Russia grain movement thru the ports
US rain this week
China / Taiwan 

Just by mho numbers:

Dec. Corn
Res: 696-698.50 the 704.75-706 (maybe buy stops) the 712
Sup: 674-671 then 665 and 656.50-655 then 646 and 633.50

Dec. Wheat
Res: 855.50 then 866 then 882-887 and then 901.50-904
Sup: 848 then 842-839 and then 832-829
Wheat seems to be trying to find a bottom

Jan. Beans
Res: 1409.50-1411 then 142 and then 1438
Sup: 1395.50 and then 1387 and then 1373.50, 1365 and then 1350-1347.50

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro
Branch Office HighGround Trading