Tuesday 22nd Cold Storage Report

Thursday 24th Hogs & Pig Report

Friday 25th Cattle on Feed

Grains Corn, Wheat and Beans Higher Highs
All are in over bought indicators but its been that way for days .

Last week comments had some numbers for Corn and Beans
I see possible 388 target for CZ and 1065-1070 for SX.
Can they go Higher, YES.
Please price some percentage on these rallies.

Spring crop insurance was 388 for Corn and 917 for beans.

There is NO carry in soybeans, so end users want those beans of yours NOW.
Last week Crush was below est. Maybe cuz of lack of beans needed?

So Farmers who still think Trump killed them one should think again. China buying is great and so far looks like it will still move forward.

We should ALL remember China knows more than we do about South America crops.
There feet are on the ground there. So do they know about supply and weather for there 2021 crops? There ar more moving parts to this rally than one could imagine.

Warm dry week coming so if fields are ready harvest will pick up.
This should help a correction but we will see. Need to see a technical move to indicate a correction coming.

Make no mistake we are in a bull market.

Be Safe