Sept. 14th Monday Last Trading Day Sept. grain contracts
Sept 15th Tuesday NOPA Crush number at 11am. cdt.

USDA Report/Bullish reaction new 4 week Highs Corn and Beans
MHO yields are still to High (Corn 178.5 and Beans 51.9)
This report didn’t take in “Frost” from last week if any real damage.
Stay tune.

They did cut half a million harvested acres
This week warmer, sunny and dryer weather. Move on harvest.
We now await harvest and monitor readings.

Quick numbers:
Dec. Corn Res: 370.25 and 373.50-378.25 and then 388
Sup: 361.50-358.50 and the 12 month avg. is 356.50
Gap is still open at 348-345.50

Nov. Beans made new Highs for the yr.
Res:1002-1004 and 1010-1012.75
Watch Sept. Beans when they go off Monday. The high so far is 1025.
Nov could reach the Sept. contract High.
Sup: 981.50-978.50 and 968

Please don’t let GREED take over your marking plan. Make some sales with this rally and need be wait for a break to re own

Be Safe

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Scott Capinegro