Tues. 14th Last Trading Day Feb. Hogs
Remember loved ones (Valentines Day)

Wed. 15th NOPA Crush #’s

Friday Whys
GeoPolitical spooks markets
Russian/Ukraine tensions
Forecast warm and dry Europe
Arg. dry 10-12 day time frame
This coming week snow coverage 4 in. plus for KS???

Crop avg so far for insurance this month
Corn 594.50 vs. last yr 590
Beans 1369.25 vs. last yr. 1432.50

CZ/SX ratio 2.313 start of the yr. 2.319

March and July beans closed at High’s since June
March Beans the half of last yr is 1544.25
IMHO Channel res: is at 1557-1563 and the
Channel support is at 1492-1488

Nov Beans 4 week avg 1363.25
50 day ma 1380.75    100 day 1375    200 day 1364.50
IMHO Channel res:1385-1388 and maybe 1397
Channel support 1330-1323

March Corn 4 week avg 675
Res; still 688-693 (half of LY range 693) maybe then 697
Sup: 671 and 666.50 and 662.25 and then 655.50

Dec. Corn 4 week avg 594.75
Res 598-604.50
Sup 585-577

This is the time of the year brokers really go after new accounts. Markets are sideways and try to catch the producer before the real work to produce a crop begins. Below is postions I’m doing for clients now and maybe you need to open an account just to have an option to be pro-active and take some risk off the table. I’ll be calling and trying to hookup with you all or at least leave my 800# so maybe you can contact me.

*Dec. Corn
Orders in to buy 560 put and sell 660 call at even money.
Floor at 560 for a true hedge . We can also trade out of it and not hold until expiration.

*We did buy a April 161 put and sold April Cattle 167 call at even money Weekly Cattle Chart
Gap 7-16-21 / 7-23-21 high from the gap on 2-11-22  $24.65 rally
Gap 7-22-22 low and the High this week 2-7-22 was a $25.05 rally
Both at or very near 30 week period.
Dates are very similar and yes we might see April Cattle rally to 166.50-167

But a way to put a floor looking for correction
If you want me not emailing or calling please email me
bcbcap@yahoo.com or call 800-942-1513 and I will remove you from my list. Would like account forms contact me the same way or go to the website barringtoncomodities.com and just fill out account info. and I’ll contact you then.

Enjoy the Super Bowl
Be Safe
Scott Capinegro (can follow me on Twitter too)
Branch Office of HighGround Trading