Super Bowl Weekend

China New Year will be over Sunday.
Sunday ALL is expecting there trade when opened that night will reflect the Corona virus (lower markets)

The Year of the Rat
Last year they had ASF (African Swine Flu)
US Tariffs
Now “Virus”
Thank God we just have the Democratic party

Feb. now is the month for setting crop insurance #’s
Last yr. 2019 Corn $4 and Beans $9.54

Corn/ Bean ratio:
Start of the yr.
2019 / 2,366
2020 / 2.431
Today / 2.334

MFP payments helped last year with one more payment coming.
2020 there will be no payments.
Be pro-active with some marking plans this year.

Soybeans hit hard this week (9 days of lower closes)
China (virus) and Brazil Real vs. US Dollar (Real weaker)
Can the US Dollar weakness cure the “virus”?

Corn / Bull spreads gained this week with a lower futures market.
Trading range / MHO friendly corn
Check archives for the Pres election. yr. trend

Livestock trade especially Hogs OUCH

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Scott Capinegro