Tuesday 14th CPI report and Last Trading Day March grain contracts

Weds. 15th NOPA Crush

Friday 17th St. Patrick’s Day and Cattle On Feed Report

Sat. 18th Black Sea / Russian Grain extension
(we should know this week what is happening )

What a week for grains
Funds can be your friend and in an instant stab ya in the back
Huge tech. sell off
Silicon Valley Bank added to the sell off due to the pressure to
Financial markets. 

Buenos Aries Grain Exchange
est. Arg Corn 37.5 mmt vs 41 and the USDA at 40 mmt
Beans 29 vs. 33.5 and USDA at 33

Wheat pressure
1) Russia is cheaper than US
2) France wheat lowest level in a yr.
3) Rains eased some concerns in W. Eur.
4) US 6-10 precep a chance for southwestern Plains

Demand is the key in this equation

CZ / SX ratio yr High this week at 2.457

Watch where March Corn goes off the board and the High/ Low for this month. May corn might want to respect those numbers.
Monthly Corn
38% 673.75        50% 640.25        618% 606.50
3 month avg 640.25
CK has a gap at 599.50-595.25 and CN 600-595.50
CN did go into the gap with a low of 597

Weekly Beans
13 week avg 1512.75    26 week 1467.50    52 week 1525.50
618% 1497.50    50% 1545.50

Out of the CN/CZ spread on at 55.50 and out at 48.25
Still holding Apr. Cattle put call spread at even money risk Apr. Cattle close over 168

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Be Safe
Scott Capinegro DBA
Branch Office HighGround Trading