Tuesday 10th USDA report
(not a real important market mover)

Friday the 13th Last Trading Day March contracts

Full Moon coming
Set those clock forward tonight

Corn Friday took a hit because Washington is going to appeal the10th Circuit ruling on RFS waviers. (Big oil still rules??)

I’m not going to go thru the day by day “Mental Masturbation” which moves outside and commodity markets.¬† Too crazy with each Headline.

US Dollar has now had a nice break which down the road should help some of the grains and livestock that are over sold.

Corn market did have some resistance up at there 20 day ma. Is it possible this month we test the Feb. Highs? May corn 389.50, July 394 and Dec. 394.

I’m not going to touch news and effects about the “virus”. We know about World¬†Economies slowing down. Fear factor is still in play.

HMO I could buy corn early week risking the Feb. lows. June Hog char looks better but would like to see a break. Lots of gaps on that chart that could be filled.

Just call for more thoughts daily news etc. from me

Be Safe
Wash those Hands