Friday 9th USDA Supply & Demand Report

EPA blend mandates really moved markets (less than expected)

Remember these are just projections
India / export ban for wheat / will they be back exporting?
China/ Covid/ protest
Arg. getting hotter and dry this week.
Brazil in good shape (may have 800-950 mil more beans than last yr.)

Seasonal Feb Cattle has a Dec. rally

Weekly Range /  50%  retrace
CH 659.75
WH 777.50
SH 1457

4 Week Avg’s
WH 818.25
SH 1448.50

Last time the US $ was here
8-11-22 prices
CH 634.50
WH 841.25
SH 1426
LCG 155.52

CH has a small gap at 638
WH on 8-11-22 price 841.25 on 8-18-22 the price was 766
(RSI was 26.82 at 766. Now its 24.29 at 761)
Wheat oversold /Also getting in better alignment with World prices
This week another reason that producers can be bullish but use the Futures and
Option tools that are available for use.

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Be Safe
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