2019 /  8 weeks more and then bye bye

USDA really your server is down at 11am. Come on they knew of the problem but, don’t put out a delay notice to the market. Did you see Corn rallied about 10 cents while WE waited for the numbers? The SPECIAL people already had the leak. BIG reason to roll back the clock on reports to 7:30 am again. Let all market players play on the same even level playing field.

Had positive news and most important yield came down to 167 IMHO reasons for lower yields moving forward

  1. June corn yet to be harvested
  2. low test weights/high moisture
  3. LP problems which will slow down harvest more and driers not running on time
  4. store wet corn into spring OH MY
  5. Trade War phase 1 soon cometh

ADM offering FREE drying / They need corn

Beans no real changes except reducing crush which increased stocks
IMHO harvested acres still a question for both corn and beans

Let’s hold the breaks and would like to see a higher close for the up coming week.

Cattle wow. BUT when the cuts put out there fire expect 3-5 dollar break coming.
Not impressed what the packer payed Friday afternoon in the country.

BE Safe/ Stay warm