March 2nd China to lift and or cut tariffs on some US products

Sat. 7th Day Light Savings Time

1) World Econ slow down
2) Emotional / Fear Factor
3) Containment

Spring Crop Ins
Corn 388.25 and Soybeans 917.50
Last Year
Corn $4 and Soybeans $9.54

Corn / Soybean ratio

Virus caused the Jan low in corn (375.25) to be taken out in a Pres. Election yr. This was the 1st time since 1996 +
Pres. Election yrs.
The seasonal says we should see a bounce the first 7-10 days for both Grains and Cattle.

China on Monday the 2nd is to lift some tariffs on US products which will last a full year. Question is do they step in and buy this week. The price of corn is the cheapest in the World. Price does matter on US products.

Time will tell and should be again an interesting week.

Keeping this short cuz no one really knows how markets will react with this virus news in the World (daily). Just being honest.

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