April 15th NPOA number and the Last Day Trading April Hogs

USDA report on the 9th no real surprises
Brazil soybean crop is bigger even with all the rains they have had.

Looking at the BULL spreads:
Res: 146-151
close under 131
Sup: 114-109

Sup: 63-59
Res: 72-74
close over 76 then we could see 86-88
These are mho

I believe CORN has a better story now than Beans.

Philippines cuts pork tariff to 5% from 30%
2014 High for June Hogs was 109.97
My target is 113

I see 2 gaps one for June Hogs at 103.52 and Dec. Corn 477.50

Wheat finding support from to dry conditions especially in North Dakota

BE Safe
questions please call
Scott Capinegro