Cold Storage Report

Just a heads up  / Oct. 6th CME has new limits
Cattle $4 expanded $6
Feeders $5 expanded $7.50
Expect margins to increase

Pro Farmer Tour/USDA yields are too High
Crop conditions imho should be lower Monday afternoon.

Harvested acres for 2020 and Iowa???

We feel the heat and another week of dryness. What and who will get some rains for the Gulf Storms Fri. Sat. Sun coming?? Too late for many areas.

Dec. Corn numbers
10 day ma. 335.50     20 day ma. 330.75     50 day ma 337.25     100 day ma 338.25
4 week avg. 333
If we close above 341.50 mho we could see targets at 348.50 and possible 359-361.50

Nov. Beans numbers
5 day ma 910.50    10 day ma 898.25     20 day ma 891.75
4 week avg 892.50
IMHO res: up at 919-927

China and rain ???

Cattle on Feed report was bearish but was the cattle coming off dry pastures into feedlots?

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro
Branch Office HighGround Trading