Cattle market did very well printing a 4 week high. We will see if the cash can move towards the Dec. futures. Weather could have played a part in the late week rally. Time will tell.

US corn now competitive with SA. Let’s see Monday’s action and need to see a higher close. Thanksgiving for the Bears and Xmas for the Bulls???

Change for the month of Nov.
CZ / -18.75        CH / -17.50
CZ 2020 / -14.75

WZ / +38.75       WH / +27

SF / -55.50        SX / -44

IF I did my numbers right the half for the yr (range) for beans is 873.75. Soybeans a wait US/China trade news.

Still Big number for Dec.corn is 375.

Come this month’s USDA report I believe there will be NO yield number,
They wait until the Jan. report.

Ok here we start Dec. and end of the year. Feel free to use the website for request of account forms.
Brokers like to grow there business like anyone else.

Be Safe
Hope Dry