Monday 17th Presidents Day (markets closed open at night)

Today the 15th is China’s 30 day period after signing Phase 1 deal
Now let’s see if they buy anything this coming week. They want to use the “virus” as a delay measure BUT. Friday they brought corn a small amount from Ukraine and there still getting beans from Brazil.

US Dollar (strong) not helping the export picture and the Brazil Real on it’s lows.

Thursday-Friday (20th 21st) USDA 96th Outlook Forum
From twitter Friday from someone and I can’t say its from the USDA
Corn 20/21
yield 178.50
acreage 94.5
ending stocks 2.754

Soy beans
yield 50.5
acreage 84 mil
ending stocks 518
don’t know if its his own est.

Friday 21st March options expire
But will be enough info this week to move the markets, stay tune.

Friday some tariffs removed and boy on the opening cattle jumped $2
There are gaps to take notice
April Cattle high side 123.07-123.35 and low side 116.12-115.95
June Cattle high side 115-115.50 and low side 108.87-108.80

Will open grains Monday night

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