Weds. 9th USDA Report
Be watching World ending stocks

Russia plans to ban exports for 2 months starting Feb.2nd of ammonium nitrate.

Ukraine/Russia chess game has Crude Oil rallying to $92

S.A. crops getting smaller

From last weeks comments I’m repeating imho ranges for
April Cattle
Res: 146.50-147.25 then 151.60
Sup: 139-13820

Last weeks High was 147.27

June Hogs
Res: 111.20-112.40
There is a gap down at 102.07-101.95 

Feb the month of insurance
So far here are the Feb lows
CH 610.50  CK 610.50  CN 606  CZ 565
SH 1485  SK 1490  SN  1487.50  SX  1362.25

Early Ins number Corn 573.25 and Beans 1390.25

4 Week Avg
CH 613.75  CK 613.74  CN 609.50  CZ 564.50
SH 1456.75  SK 1463.75  SX 1338

Month of Jan 2022 H/L range the Half is
CH 613.50  CK 613.50  CZ 559.75
Friday’s Close the CZ / SX ratio stands at 2.432

Please and use the tools the market offers ya to reward this rally with a percentage of sales 20%-30% new crop.

Old Crop if you are paying storage cost sell save the money on cost and buy calls or call spreads.

BE Safe
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