Monday 30th China back form New Yr. Holiday
Wed. 1st. FOMC Meeting

S&P Global Commodity Insights (Informa)
Corn acres 90.5 up 2.2%
Beans 88 up 0.6%
All Wht 49.83 vs. 45.73
Cotton 10.892 vs. 13.763

USDA FAS in Beijing says China is going to import substantial Corn from Ukraine and Brazil.

MX. Jan of 2024 to reduce Corn demand by 30-40% or about 16mm due to the GMO issues.

Corn exports are 45% lower to yr than last yr.

High end rallies for CH
688-693 and then maybe 703.50

SH beans 1524 and 1534 and 1545 1562.50 and 1593

Still imho reward rallies with old crop sales or at least buy puts.

Feb seasonal is to break (Ins. month and Brazil harvest)
Also at the end of the month USDA will give us there 2023 acreage numbers

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