Tuesday and Weds. 14th/15th FOMC Meetings

Weds. 15th NOPA Crush

Report is out of the way. Let’s see how some heat this week effects price discovery. Crop needs some Heat and Sunshine.

World Ending Stocks increased
World Production Soybeans increased and stood unchanged for both
Arg./Brz. Corn and Beans

Last 3 weeks Corn highs have been lower each week. Soybeans the 3 week Highs have been Higher each week.

News to keep an eye on/China warns US. to avoid the Taiwan Straits

Trend is still up with gas and oil prices moving Higher. Inflation makes it tough to really call for a top. BUT producers you need to at least buy some puts for down side protection.

Call with any questions
Scott Capinegro
Branch Office of HighGround trading