This week

USDA Report Thursday 11th (should not be a real market mover)
End of the moth Tuesday the 30th Grin Stocks and Planted Acreage is the market mover.

US Dollar vs. the Brazil Real help grains move higher for the week.
Technicals on charts look encouraging and that is what the funds trade on…just numbers. Fundamental picture still stays on the bears side.

Looking ahead some res: levels
WN 50 day ma.
CN res: 335 and 341.25 then 348.25-349.50
CZ res: 348.25 and 353.50
SX 100 day ma is 382.50 close above and maybe we push to fill the
gap 900-903.

Please look to reward this rally

Tropical Storm Cristobal..were and how much rain in the midwest. I don’t see any heat dome but we are to remain mostly dry. So we must keep are eyes on the Storm about Tuesday-Thursday.

Be Safe
Scott Capinegro