Tuesday 9th USDA Report
Friday 12th Last Trading Day March contracts
March 15th Increase of speculative limits
China confirms outbreaks of African swine flu in its pork
producing provinces of Sichuan and Hubei.
Grains let’s keep our eyes on the Feb. lows on breaks as
major support.
Bull Spreads
Start of the Yr.
CN / CZ 45.50                            SN / SX 185.75
Start of the Flat prices                        Firday close
CN 480.25                                            534.00
CZ 434.75                                            481.50
CN + 53.75 for the yr. and CZ +46.75
SN 1297.50                                          1413.75
SX 1111.75                                           1247.25
SN is +116.25 for the yr. and SX 135.50
Maybe the bull spreads are undervalued.
4 week avgs
CK 547.50        CN 534        CZ 461.50
WK 660.00       WN 647.25
SK 1391.25      SN 1377.50    SX 1201.75
Side note on Tues USDA report I’ll be getting my second Covid vaccination
at the time of the report 11 cdt. So I’ll be back in the office by 11:30 cdt
Be Safe