Tuesday 12th USDA report
Thursday 14th Last Trading Day May grain contracts

This should be an interesting week for grains. On Friday China and US trade reps on the phone with each other discussing Phase 1 trade agreement. China said they will meet there obligations.

We also saw as I said they would, buy some corn and beans before the phone call.

Marketing terms to think about with your marketing plans for 2020:
US Dollar vs. Brazil Real
Energy demand
Supply/Demand = price
Break even / small profit
Many coffee shops are still closed

Let’s see what the USDA says Tuesday. Seems we know ALL the bear news at this time and the BEAR needs to be fed.

Looking at this weekend seems more cars on the road and gas prices have gone up almost 50 cents in WI and IL in 3 weeks.

For what the beef cutouts are up cattle finally found a bid for the week.

Weather seems to be in a warmer trend mid week and beyond. BUT also seems some rains with be around in most areas.

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BE Safe
Scott Capinegro