Tuesday 22 Cold Storage Report

Thurs 24th Markets Closed
Friday 25th Grains and Livestock markets open 8:30 am and have EARLY close 12:05 pm.
Also Last Trading Dec. Options

Cattle On Feed
feed     98%        Est 98.3
placed 94%             96.5%
marketing 101%      100.8%

Placements is the Bullish number
See how the market reacts

As of last weeks grain comments (not posted but emailed)
Posting on website will be every other weekend

Nov. Low weeks
11-12-21        11-06-20        11-22-19
CH did touch and trade below 100 day ma. and closed above
and corn closed Higher for the week. Must respect the low of 653.50 now.

Also imho WH is looking good down at 818-809. Might want to look at selling 740 or 720 WH puts then. Not a sexy trade but…….

4 week avgs.
CZ 675.50                CH 679.25
WH 867.50               SF 1421.50

I personally don’t want to play the short sides. Seasonal seems to be bottom action rally into Dec.

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Be Safe have a nice Thanksgiving
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