New Covid “Variant”
Time will tell

Weekly Corn Avg
26 week 562.75
52 week 558.25

Monthly Avg.
3 month 565.50
6 month 562.75
12 month 570.75

So support 570.75-558.25
This is using March Corn now on DTN Charts
MHO  Corn is over priced with Friday’s rally
Was it due to option expiration? We will see Monday’s trade.

Weekly Beans Avg.
13 week 1254
26 week 1323
52 week 1359.50

Monthly Avg.
3 month 1252.75
6 month 1306.25
12 month 1368.50
This is using Jan Beans thru the DTN Charts

Covid news now the markets moving force.
Any bodies guess each day.

Hope your wrapping up harvest

Be Safe
please call with questions or your just tried talking to the dog in your shop.
Scott Capinegro