Quarterly Stocks (Friday 9-30)

Corn 1,377                    Trade est 1,497
Beans 274                            247
Wheat 1,776                         1,795

US Production 2022-2023
All Wheat 1,650                    1.795

Watch this week
Russian annexation
Currencies / US Dollar
Brazil planting
Arg. dryness possible less Corn and Wheat acres / more beans then
Harvest and yield reports

IMHO sell off combine beans and store corn.
BUT if your booking fertilizer sell corn to pay for it.
You can always re own if need be.

Prices the first week of Oct last yr (2021)
Crude Oil 7587                        US Dollar 7587
Corn 541.50                             Beans 1246.50
Wheat 755.25
Cattle 125.20                           Hogs 85.17

Dec. Corn and March Corn triple tops
Nov beans close to closing gap 1358.25-1349.25
Remember we have the most expensive priced Corn in the World

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